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PT. Lambang Utama

About Us

Through years of dedications and experiences, we have grown as one of leading manufacturer of laundry soap and laundry detergent in North Sumatera. Under the trademark of TELEPON, you have TELEPON laundry Bar Soap, and TELEPON Multipurpose Cream Detergent in multiple variants.

Working closely with the world’s latest technology and developing trends, Our main goal is to bring the best comfortably cleaning impressions into your home.

With a state of the art laboratory, our professional technicians strive to develop innovative and highly effective products while carefully monitoring the quality of our raw materials to guarantee that all our products meet the highest quality specifications.

Vision & Mission

• To be a soap and detergent manufacturer company that is capable to meet consumers need of good quality and highly competitive products.
•  Actively develop innovative cleaning products and good services to our consumers and business partners.

01.   To provide the ultimate cleaning experience

02. To provide state of the art products at reasonable prices


years of experience

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